Distraction behind the wheel

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March 2, 2023

Have you got a high number of accidents?
Are they caused by distraction or an interruption in drivers attention?

Then you might have an issue with 'Distraction Culture' in your organisation.

What is a definition of a distraction event in a vehicle?

A distraction event in a vehicle is any activity that diverts the attention of the driver away from the primary task of driving. Examples of distraction events include using a cell phone, being distracted by passengers, eating and drinking, and adjusting the vehicle controls, such as the radio or climate control.

You might spot it though:

- A high number of distraction events    

- Reactive rather than proactive operational changes.

- High claims  

- H&S challenges    

- Culture of multitasking

Why does distraction cause a high number of road accidents?

Distraction events can cause a high number of road accidents because they can significantly reduce a driver’s ability to respond quickly to changing conditions on the road, such as sudden stops or changes in speed. Additionally, distraction events can lead to drivers not being able to adequately monitor the environment around them, which can lead to dangerous errors in judgement.

What can workplaces do to reduce their vehicle accidents?

Workplaces can reduce the risk of vehicle accidents by implementing policies that restrict or prohibit distraction events while driving. This can include prohibiting the use of cell phones or other electronic devices, requiring passengers to remain quiet while driving, and prohibiting eating or drinking while driving. Additionally, companies should provide driver safety training to ensure that employees are aware of the risks associated with distraction events.

Maybe the Success Formula Distraction Culture Framework might work for you...

This personalised in-house programme offers a:

Planning meeting with manager

Driver survey

Focus groups at driver/OD meetings

Train the trainer

Distraction toolbox

It'll help shine a light on that stuff you don't see every day - reach out to kelly@successformula.co.nz or jenni@successformula.co.nz for more information.

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