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Why success formula?

We are specialists in culture and leadership AND in transport and logistics.  There are not many people who really get how this industry works at all levels and can bring years of experience and trans-Tasman best practice ideas to the table.

We are also a part of a wide network of industry associations including the NZI Fleet Fit team, technology providers, sleep and wellness experts, and associations.  This means that for our customers, culture and leadership is linked to the real business issues, and delivers practical and measurable results.

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Importance of culture

There is no fixed definition of business culture, but most experts agree it’s how your staff understand and represent a company’s values. It’s “how we get things done” inside a business.

Your culture affects your business, staff and customers – whether it is good or not will depend on the leaders.  This is not something anyone can buy, but that must be built – and maintained over time.

Having a good business culture can become a source of significant business advantage. It can be seen in:

  • productivity and safety
  • staff engagement and creativity
  • low turnover and high loyalty
  • great customer service
  • little or no incidents or accidents (low repairs or insurance costs)

About Success Formula

Success Formula emerged from a masters level study with Stellenbosh University, South Africa. The goal was to take popular management theories and take the theory and make it applicable to businesses. 

Every team has a wealth of untapped knowledge, experience, insight, and motivation that often lies dormant. Any significant change requires the active commitment of these key stakeholders to succeed. Instead of ‘selling’ this to them, the Success Formula actively engages them in the change process and implementation.  People support what they create.

The approach follows the recipe:

Ask: Collaborate with teams to define desired behaviors and outcomes (Greater Buy-in)

Think: Measure performance and prioritise opportunities (Greater Focus)

Grow: Set and achieve strategic goals to maximise these opportunities (Greater Capability and Results)

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The Team

Our team use their varied experience and skills to suggest and implement programmes for our customers.

Kelly McLuckie (she/her)+

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Senior Consultant NZ and Australia

Experience with Strategy and Solution Architecture, Project Management, Culture Change, Leadership and Organisational Growth, Business and Information Management, and Team Development.

James Law (he/him)+

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Senior Consultant NZ

Experience with Leadership, Health & Safety and Transport Regulatory Compliance, Business Turnarounds, Personal and Professional Development, and Communication and Problem Solving.

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