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Our team helps Transport and Logistics operations to improve safety, culture and leadership.  

When it comes to risk management and safety, changing equipment and systems is just the beginning; people and behavioral change are what will really shift culture and help lift standards. When a culture of safety is respected and valued by everyone in your business, it becomes the backbone of high performance. 

We work closely with our wider NTI team in Australia, and the NZI Fleet Fit risk managers and partners to deliver solutions focused on;

Developing and engaging leaders and teams

Building safe and productive culture

Managing effective change to get results

We offer solutions that deliver practical and measurable results, with transparent pricing and clear deliverables. We help you to maximise the good stuff (strengths of your business that drive success) while managing risk. 

Some of the tools we use include:

Our flagship programme is designed to assess and improve safety culture and leadership in all types of fleet business (transport, logistics, car and van, construction, etc).

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Change Management Support

To assist operators with the implementation of change, especially operators implementing new processes, technology, or those going through acquisition, merger, or succession planning.

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Leadership Training

Tailored program for leaders to improve their skills and driver management in bite-sized chunks, includes our new mobile Coach App (mobile coach in your pocket).

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Virtual, or face-to-face workshops to build leaders’ practical skills and address specific business issues (e.g. recruiting/retaining staff, running interesting toolboxes, planning and strategy, etc). Includes unique problem solving approach, Group Performance Coaching.

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One on one support for leaders by our experienced people managers. Common applications include assisting with succession plans, those new to a role, or implementing a project or change.

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