Coaching and Training Workshops

These modules have been designed to address real problems identified through our assessment processes, or as requested by customers.

These modules have been designed to address real problems identified through our   assessment processes (e.g. Traction, Leadership or Team assessments), or as requested by customers.  These delivered remotely, or face to face as a bundled group for example a full day onsite, or just one at a time to address a specific issue. 

Planning/ Change
Communication Attracting/ retaining staff Additional
Planning 1.0 Communication planning Recruiting and selecting strategy Group performance coaching
Create a prioritized actionable plan of current initiatives. Build a communications plan; who, what, how, when. Build a tailored recruitment/ retention strategy. Workshop to solve a current business problem as an empowered team.
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Planning 2.0 Communicating with influence Feedback and delegation Train the trainer – 1.1.1
Develop plan with resource allocation and milestones. Workshop to improve communication skills. Workshop to improve front-line feedback/ delegation leadership skills. Story telling method using 1.1.1 boards which empowers teams to reinforce safety messages.
Introduction to managing change Effective meetings Training plan Creative problem solving
Build a change plan using a current issue/ opportunity. Workshop to improve meeting effectiveness and efficiency. Build a tailored training plan for a specific role(s). Workshop to improve questioning and problem solving skills.
Time management   Performance management process Flexible coaching development
Workshop to improve time management and individual effectiveness.   Build performance management policy and process. Workshop to build leaders skills using GROW model.
Here are some of the frequent customer questions we’ve compiled


What is Traction?
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What is the benefit to an operator of doing Traction?
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How will this improve my business?
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What service options does Traction offer and how long does it take?
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Is this just another risk survey?
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Can Traction work in a COVID19 environment and/or remotely?
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Why does NZI offer and for selected customers fund the Traction program?
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What type of companies use Traction?
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Will Traction impact my insurance?
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What data is collected through the Traction programme?
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How is data used?
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How is data collected/stored?
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