Coach App

Our mobile phone Coach App can be used as a stand-alone tool, or as part of a wider programme

Our mobile phone Coach App (available in NZ and AU in all app stores), can be used as a stand-alone tool, or as part of a wider programme. It has been designed to be a micro-learning ‘coach in your pocket’, and includes the following modules targeted at front line leaders;

Leadership and Culture
Communication & Meetings Choosing the best method for your message
Run a great toolbox
Managing Drivers on the road
Leading and Managing Change What the hell is Change Management?
Introducing new tech to your Team
Manage Resistance to Change
Time Management Is it REALLY urgent?
Boosting productivity
Tackling Performance & Conflict Give meaningful feedback
Make difficult conversations easy
Motivating my people
Driver Management  Setting Drivers up for Success Write a Driver PD
Choosing the right Driver
Setting up Driver KPIs
Induction and Training Getting your Driver ready for Day One
Creating an engaging training plan
Helping Drivers Return to Work*
Developing a Reliable Driver Rewarding and recognising good drivers
Improving retention in your team
Turning a Job into a Career
Here are some of the frequent customer questions we’ve compiled


What is Traction?
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What is the benefit to an operator of doing Traction?
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How will this improve my business?
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What service options does Traction offer and how long does it take?
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Is this just another risk survey?
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Can Traction work in a COVID19 environment and/or remotely?
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Why does NZI offer and for selected customers fund the Traction program?
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What type of companies use Traction?
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Will Traction impact my insurance?
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What data is collected through the Traction programme?
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How is data used?
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How is data collected/stored?
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