Traction™ Programme

Developed in 2011, our flagship programme Traction™, is a specialised Transport and Logistics industry programme running across New Zealand and Australia.

TractionTM is a specialised Transport and Logistics industry programme which engages staff and measures perceptions of operational, cultural and safety performance within a company.

Unlike an audit, we don’t test existing policies and procedures; but instead concentrate on current beliefs and practices within an organization and how to bridge the gap between knowing the right thing, and getting everyone to do it.

I recommend the Traction programme to any fleet business.

Jodene Chappel, Compliance Manager, Pyramid Trucking

The Traction programme provides:

- P360-degree insights via culture survey (staff and management)

- Reports and expert recommendations, includes industry benchmarks, and

- Tailored training and development sessions, which are practical, solution orientated and designed to engage teams and build business skills.

Twelve years in the making, with close collaboration from government and industry leaders, Success Formula TractionTM Programme is specifically designed to understand challenges and best practices, improving performance and safety together.  

We are one of the lead support programmes promoted by NZI Fleet Fit risk managers, and work closely with this network of partners – here’s what they say about the programme - .

“Traction is a great way to efficiently diagnose what is going on in a company. This allows owners to prioritise their actions and our fleet risk managers to support any change management required.”

Andrew Greatbatch - Risk Advisory Manager, NZI

This programme helps leaders address problems like:

- Adherence to compliance (e.g. getting buying to pre-start checks, etc)

- Improving relationships between teams

- Building staff engagement and finding ways to improve retention

- Focussing attention to get consistency between depots

- Gathering feedback on recent events/initiatives

Here's the timeline of Traction's development so far:

[Traction] is a valid and effective method to provide a focused approach to improve a company’s Health and Safety Culture.

Colmar Brunton, ACC funded independent study December 2013

Three service levels to suit your operation:

There are three levels of Traction Programme to choose from, depending on the level of support you need.  Full or partial funding may be available to NZI customers.

The full range of support modules can be seen here

We try to encourage operators to use Traction as an annual check-in for their safety culture journey.  We recommend ongoing monitoring against your benchmarks to measure progress, reinforce changes with staff, and then enable leaders to refocus on the coming year’s new priorities.  

After an initial engagement, you may choose to only run the survey, and use your own team for the resulting action planning, communication and leadership coaching.

Here are some of the frequent customer questions we’ve compiled


What is Traction?
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How will this improve my business?
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What service options does Traction offer and how long does it take?
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Is this just another risk survey?
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Can Traction work in a COVID19 environment and/or remotely?
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Why does NZI offer and for selected customers fund the Traction program?
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What data is collected through the Traction programme?
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