Change Management

Too often a change is rushed through, without thinking about the people impacted.

Transport is a rapidly evolving industry with changes in many of the following:

Too often a change is rushed through, without thinking about the people impacted, or getting everyone ready for it, resulting in resistance, or a waste of money or effort.  

However, when a change is planned and well-managed, it is far more effective.

Our team can help you plan for change, or if things have gone off track, help you recover, so that your important investment of money, time and effort really nails the goals you set out to achieve.

Our team provide guidance to operators who need help implementing change so that they can:

1. Achieve their objectives (business and safety) and get a return on investment

2. Get faster adoption, increased utilisation, and improve proficiency

3. Monitor changes over time and get feedback to tweak or improve

4. Manage staff resistance and help turn it around

Change Management Workshop Options:

We have a range of options to support your team, whether you are looking to do it yourself, or want us to step in to the team;

  • Change Planning Workshop

Let us work alongside you to help make your change plan, using our straight forward structured templates

  • Templated change plan

Drafted change plan you can adapt yourself to make sure you are following a great process

  • Communication Skills Workshop

Upskill your change leaders and make sure they are communicating about your change effectively

  • Traction Swift

Get feedback on what’s working and what’s not so you can help make your change stick

  • Coaching

Supporting leaders to implement change

  • Access to complimentary resources

Articles, videos, guides, and DIY Change plan templates

Here are some of the frequent customer questions we’ve compiled


What is Traction?
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What is the benefit to an operator of doing Traction?
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How will this improve my business?
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What service options does Traction offer and how long does it take?
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Is this just another risk survey?
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Can Traction work in a COVID19 environment and/or remotely?
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Why does NZI offer and for selected customers fund the Traction program?
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What type of companies use Traction?
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Will Traction impact my insurance?
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What data is collected through the Traction programme?
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How is data used?
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How is data collected/stored?
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