Colmar Brunton Validation

In 2013 we entered into discussions seeking endorsement from ACC.  Colmar Brunton were then engaged by ACC and Lumley NZ, to evaluate the Traction™ programme to prove its statistical robustness and confirm its approach and impact on the industry.The results were extremely pleasing and strongly validated our approach.


Colmar Brunton


New Zealand


Health & Safety


Feb 13, 2022

(Colmar Brunton was a well-known name in New Zealand market research and data-driven consultancy. However, in 2021 the company has merged with Kantar and continues to provide evidence-based advisory services, under a different title.)


To evaluate the Traction tool, Colmar Brunton’s team carried out robust cognitive interviewing with current customers and their staff and statistical review and consultation of all industry data to date.  The project was conducted over two weeks and looked at all aspects of the programme.

They found that: 

“The Traction assessment was a valid measure and provided a good indication of the Health and Safety culture of a workplace. While it is not an accurate predictor of risk, this is not the tool’s intention. It aims to improve the culture and make a significant difference in injury prevention at work.”


Colmar Bruton concluded that over time, a company’s involvement in the Traction programme is likely to benefit any organisation, as it ensures all staff are refreshed on H&S best practices and ultimately generates a greater company culture of awareness and accountability.

They also found that although the questionnaire and answers are strongly related to the role of the respondent, the purpose of Traction (to assess, inform and educate) meant that this was appropriate to ensure multi-dimensional feedback.

Colmar Brunton stated that the mere act of completing the Traction questionnaire drew attention to Health and Safety culture for respondents, informing and reminding them of the key elements comprising positive Health and Safety practices and procedures.

Completing the questionnaire also provided staff with significant opportunities to express their views and opinions, generating perceptions of value amongst respondents (i.e. they felt valued as company employees).

Overall, they deduced, that the Traction Programme is a valid and effective measure to provide a focused approach to improve a company’s Health and Safety culture.

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