Fennell Forestry

NTI Traction, a new program to drive good safety culture has already paid dividends for Fennell Forestry, with the South Australian business opening a constructive dialogue throughout the company.


Fennell Forestry




Health & Safety


Jun 1, 2022

Fennell Forestry is a major plantation timber harvest and transport company located in Mount Gambier, which has grown to a staff of 70 over the past 25 years.

While equipment and system changes can have an effect on risk safety management, NTI Traction aims to make positive people and behavioural improvements, with tailored modules focussed on topics such as communication, planning, and leadership skills.


It was brought to me, and I was quite interested in anything that looked at things differently, that can rate the business and see how it’s going,"

“As we were actually going through the program, it was of great benefit, it was driving conversation in a different way. Fundamentally we have had conversations around the same thing previously, but having them in different ways, it was generating different responses.

“For the business as a whole, it brought different voices to the table, and it came with strategies and objectives for the business that we wouldn’t have previously had.

“Personally, I thought it was a great experience from a leadership point of view, and another tool on your tool belt you can use.  “I would highly recommend it, based on the fact that it is unique in the way that it drags out differing conversations on a quite a common part of your business that is constantly talked about.”

First published on www.nti.com.au

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