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Everyone wants a safe workplace, but what does that mean? Renwick know that it doesn't mean simply having a first aid kit and not falling off ladders – but rather maintaining a proactive focus, and always engaging the whole team.


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Health & Safety


Jun 1, 2022

Renwick, one of our longterm loyal customers, is a family-owned and operated business, run by Jen and Jax based in Marlborough, New Zealand. They have 30 staff and 25 trucks specialising in general freight, fertiliser cartage and spreading. See their story here -


Getting a culture of safety

Renwick Transport is focused on creating a culture of safety, where accidents are prevented through good management and communication, where health and safety issues are on people's minds, and where everyone feels comfortable talking about safety concerns or ideas for improvement without fear of negative repercussions.

Their busy team pride themselves in offering daily services between Blenheim, Christchurch and Nelson with everything from wine bottles and palletised goods, to bricks and stockfeed. They also have a dedicated fertiliser team servicing the wider Marlborough Region.

Renwick knows it all starts with the drivers themselves; they're the ones who are out on the road every day, so they have a unique perspective on what could potentially be unsafe situations and when they might arise. 

From there, the management team works closely with the drivers to develop potential solutions before an accident occurs. They don't want to wait until something terrible happens to try and fix it—they want to put preventative measures in place before anything goes wrong.


Maintain by measure and manage

The Renwick Transport team have been working with Success Formula for the last nine years, and have run the Traction Programme four times. Every report has shown steady improvements in their team’s responses. Renwick has a strong conviction that their communication and culture has improved with every single Traction Programme interaction.

There has been turnover in the business over this time, and most recently a new staff member took on HS from the owners.  The latest Traction survey gave her a structure to understand her role and the business strengths and priorities to work on, whilst working with Jenni gave her the confidence and support to progress.

And the data doesn’t lie; Renwick’s 360-degree Traction Programme feedback shows incremental increases year on year between 2013 and 2021, across all fifteen areas measured. With an average of 20% increases in H&S Reporting, Training and Emergency Planning and Readiness scores and an overall increased maturity rating as an organisation (up 16%).

  • The company's practices that are in place are the reason we have grown and will still be around for years to come.
  • Our company has input from staff and other companies as well.

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